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DreamTemple is an online dream environment designed to share information, books, and resources related to the therapeutic value of working with dreams. Dreamwork can enhance the reflective life of anyone working with dreams and can be used in therapy, outside of therapy, or in groups which may or may not have professional facilitation. DreamTemple is inspired by Depth Psychology, or the psychology that is concerned with the marginalized, repressed, or outcast parts of consciousness, of culture, and of society.

This site supports the wisdom inherent in the dream image and, in keeping with IASD dream ethics, defends the authority of the dreamer as the owner of his or her dreams.  Neither dream dictionaries nor wise professionals in white coats can be expected  automatically to decipher an image out of context from dream and dreamer. The specific approach to dreamwork, although eclectic in design, draws largely from the works of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Robert A. Johnson, and Steven Aizenstat. However, many authors writing, lecturing, and conducting workshops today, such as Clara Hill, Robbie Bosnak, Kelly Bulkeley, Steven LaBarge,  and Robert Moss continue to contribute to the growing understanding of dreams.

All of this stands on the shoulders of great Dreamtenders of the past, such as Montague Ullman, Stanley Krippner, Jayne Gackenbach, Robert van de Castle, Gayle Delaney, Calvin Hall, even Sigmund Freud, and many others whose works, none of which stand alone as a sole authority on dreams, all make valuable contributions to an understanding of the meaning of what happens when humans sleep.  As author of these posts, it is my hope that all who look to find meaning in dreams will find something or someone to aid them on that journey, and that the journey as well as the destination offers hope, meaning, and the ability to experience relief and joy.

Randal Lea, MA, LADAC
Executive Director, Music City Recovery Resources
4003 Murphy Road, Nashville, TN, 37209
Cell (615) 665-9321 Office (615) 647-7855

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About YANA House:

YANA (You Are Never Alone) is a Comprehensive Social Model women’s recovery home. YANA offers a supportive living environment for women recovering from alcoholism and other addictions. We believe an important part of recovery is addressing mental health issues. A safe structured living environment and a healthy proactive approach to “Recovery” is our focus. “Recovery” is a personal journey that may involve developing hope, a secure base, and sense of self, supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, and meaning.

Yana’s homelike community based atmosphere is conducive to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of the women who live here. We offer advanced and effective therapeutic methods designed to address the individual as well as the group needs of our residents. YANA fills a void desperately needed for women in the early stages of Recovery.

In Phase I, women receive group therapy five times each week from a licensed addictions counselor;

  • Sunday Night with Susan Binns, LADAC (Stage II Recovery Issues)
  • Monday Night with Randal Lea, MA, LADAC, QCS (Dream Group)
  • Wednesday Mornings with Karen Moran, LADAC, QCS (Communication Circle)
  • Wednesday Night with Nancy Smith, LADAC (Addiction Recovery)
  • Friday Mornings with Kate Martin, LPC-MHSP or Leslie Binch, LPC-MHSP on Healthy Eating

Each woman has a primary therapist and has at least one individual session each week with a licensed therapist. Therapists include Karen Moran, LADAC, QCS, owner of Inner Vision Counseling and Consulting, Randal Lea, MA, LADAC, QCS of, and Leslie Binch, MA, specializing in Brainspotting, EMDR, and Trauma Recovery, and Kate Martin, MA, LPC-MHSP, specialist in healthy eating, family systems, and addiction recovery.

Also part of the team is Daniel Sumrok, MD, whose love, care, and attention with the women of YANA is an indispensable piece of magic.

In Phase II, women obtain offsite employment and have an individually tailored recovery support plan through YANA. Phase III is an independent living phase during which the women maintain therapeutic contact with YANA while living remotely from the YANA 24 hour environment. For more information, contact:

YANA House
P.O. Box 90582 • Nashville, TN 37209
PH: 615-383-2755 • FAX: 615-352-9549 

[Music City Recovery Resource Foundation or YANA is not responsible for content of, and vice versa]

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